Student council

What we do

We, the Student Council for Economics at the University of Bonn, are made up of elected and non-elected students from the Department of Economics and Business Administration, and are committed to the interests of all our students – whether Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD, or minor subject. We sit on several different committees and boards of our department, where we act as a voice for students, contributing our ideas, wishes and comments, as well as making studying easier for all of us.

We are closely involved when new teaching positions are filled by appointment committees. We also offer a consultation hour where you can ask questions or just have a nice chat with us. Last but not least, we organise the entire freshers‘ programme and throw the coolest parties in Bonn every semester!

We also organise various events during the lecture period, such as Inside Research, which gives a very interesting insight into the current research of our professors. We also organise software courses for students, including workshops in LaTeX and R.

Our active members hold various positions. Some are part of the student representatives officially elected by you and us, others hold positions on the student council. Still others represent you and us in the various committees and legislative bodies of the university. Not only our active members, but also the ideas and actions of our alumni contribute to making our time studying in Bonn as appealing as possible!

As there are many ways in which we can campaign for better study conditions, any help is very welcome! We would therefore like to invite you to simply drop by the student council. Not only will you get to know more about your studies, but you’ll also meet new, really nice and cool people! Just come to one of our public student council meetings (during the lecture period on Thursdays at 8 pm in the faculty room, except on public holidays).

We look forward to seeing you all!